Water Main Repair Triple-e-Water Sewer

Avoid Costly Damage due to Water Line Leaks

A water line leak can prove to be more troublesome than you expect. Dripping water that seeps through walls threatens the structural stability of your house. Water lines that leak in the ground cause puddles of water that encourage roots of vegetation to rot. Let us repair the water line leak before further problems damage your home and property.

Water Line Repair

In some cases, a repair to existing pipes can be as simple as cutting that section out and coupling a new section of pipe into a healthy portion of the water line. This could save on both labor and material costs if feasible.

Water Line Replacement

In cases where a water line must be replaced in its entirety, count on us to choose the best possible course of action specific to your needs. Whether it be tunnel repairs (using a tool to pull the pipe into place, saving restoration costs), or trench repairs (digging open trenches to excavate and replace the water line), we pride ourselves on ensuring that the job is done in a timely and exceptional manner. We will leave your property clean and with as little need for restoration as possible.

You can count on Triple E Water and Sewer to be open and honest about which type of service is best for you.

Lead Water Line Replacement

It is well known that lead is not safe for us and our families to be exposed to on a long-term basis. Imagine how harmful it can be if ingested daily. The City of St. Paul recently announced its intent to have all lead water pipes replaced with copper. This project will not be finished for another 2 decades, but you may want to act more quickly to keep your family safe from the harmful effects of lead. Not limited to St. Paul, this is a growing problem across the nation. These pipes can cause adverse, long-term health complications for individuals, particularly children, who drink the water that flows through them. Call us to discuss replacing your pipes in order to ensure that your water is safe for you and your family.